From antiquity via the Soviet Union to Mars!

Wine is always associated with the important!

Celebrating birth, love and happiness. What would have happened if an unnamed Georgian 8000 years ago had not juiced bunches of grapes harvested from the cherished vineyard and wine had not been born?

How would we remember life if not wine?

From antiquity. . .

Probably so thought by the winemaker who picked the first grapes, juiced them and stored the sweet juice in a specially prepared vessel. It is suggested that the first wine must have been a red, viscous, low-alcohol beverage in which other fruit juices may have been mixed.

Yes, our ancestors gave mankind a culture that has one name all over the earth - wine. Etymologists think that the word wine itself is derived from "rising", that is, what ferments, rises, opens.

The history of wine starting in the Neolithic era begins with the discovery of several seeds of grains of vines. But not of wild grapes, but grapes taken care of domestically by man-kind and the seeds from these grapes. In addition, the presence of tartaric acid on several fragments of clay pottery found in the ruined dwelling confirmed that wine made from one of the first vintage was poured into the pottery.

Since then, 8000 vintages have been held in Georgia. This means that this noble liquid was drained 8000 times and immortal rituals were repeated 8000 times.

Strange, but the fact is that fashion and trends coincide the most with the history of wine development. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans made high-spirited, thick wines. In Georgia in the era of Vakhushti Batonishvili, gentle, Athenian wine was valued, which can boldly be considered the ancestor of sparkling wine; Strong, oak-saturated red wines were fashionable in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century; And today, the latest trend around the world, no more, no less, is aging in wine jar - small, family cellars make wine in a way unknown to foreigners; This is the method by which the history of wine begins and which was given to the world by Georgian winemakers.

Via the Soviet Union ...

The Soviets also put Georgian wine in the loops, there was a standard, there was a plan - often exaggerated, which sacrificed diversity and quality. But there was also "other" Georgian wine! As well as culture ...

All fifteen Soviet republics would remember life with Georgian wine! But like all for magic, there were no limits to this blessed fluid.

Georgian wine violated all Soviet laws! It could not be stopped, It could not be convicted, It could not be deported, It could not be shot! The wine did not stop developing by itself and that is why Belad was blamed for his love of Georgian wine (before that it was blamed on the emperor) and turned into a business card.

The card was blown away by the wind and carried to the earth.

This is also the map of Samtrest! This is how Georgian wine moved in that era, from Sakhalin to Murmansk, from Finland to India and on both sides of the Iron Curtain, both in Cuba and in America.

Yes, the Cold War as a war, the Iron Curtain-as Curtain , Georgian wine remained wine from Roosevelt to Reagan.

To Mars!

"White wine on the red planet? Scientists are hunting for the perfect grapes for Mars in Georgia" - with this headline, on January 7, 2019, the American newspaper "Washington Post" published an article by Amy Faris-Rothman. As it turns out, Georgian scientists are already thinking about which grape variety should be sent to Mars ".

"Once we are going to live on Mars, Georgia must make its contribution. Our ancestors gave wine to Earth, we can do the same on Mars," "Tells" the Washington Post " Nikoloz Doborjginidze, founder of the Georgian Space Research Agency.

Georgian wine will make Martians happy too and some middle-aged man, will probably sit down for the next 8000 years and briefly tell those millennials how the ancient history of Georgian wine for Mars began through the Soviet Union, probably already on Saturn as well.

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