About us

The company "Marnaveli" has been producing wine and wine brandy for almost 20 years. It established in one of the viticulture centers near Telavi - on the basis of a historic factory located in Napareuli. In the region, where viticulture and winemaking already had an industrial character in the middle of the XIX century and is still one of the outstanding aspects of Georgian winemaking.

With the growth of production and expansion of activities, it became necessary to build a new, modern factory, which would fully meet the challenges facing the company and a new enterprise was built on a specially selected site near Tbilisi in 2008.

The enterprise located on the highway connecting Tbilisi and Kakheti was equipped with technology according to modern standards. Grape receiving and wine primary processing, wine branding and aging, finished product bottling workshops meet all the requirements of the winery and enable the production of the highest quality products. That is why "Marnaveli" provides a complete production cycle - from the production of grapes to wine, brandy spirits, wine brandy and bottling. Here you can drink a wide selection of factory-produced wines and wine brands and buy the varietal wine or brandy you like.

Every year, the Marnaveli plant produces wine from many varieties of grapes and replenishes the stock of brandy spirits, aging in oak casks and French tanks.

The number of partners of the company which is founded in 2002 has been growing from year to year and today our products are represented in the markets of Italy, France, USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Baltic and other European countries.

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China Huaming International Investment Corporation
Saperavi Brothers